Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Indonesian questions.... Linda Starr

Linda Starr left this on the Obamacrimes site:

written by Linda Starr, December 10, 2008 You're asking for a legal document that proves Obama is in fact Barry Soetoro, a citizen of Indonesia? I have been telling you all the records were not sealed that prove Obama was legally Soetoro's child. Some of you have been ridiculing me while I had to keep silent about the evidence. There's more I can't discuss here. I'll tell you as soon as possible. Anyway, I can now tell you that Phil Berg & his Assistant Lisa acquired Barry's mother's divorce papers from Lolo Soetoro in which we see listed 2 children of the parties of the marriage, one over 18 and one under 18. We know Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro only had two children - Barry and Maya. Even in those days, a step child who was not the legal child of one party in a divorce would not be listed as a child of the parties of the marriage. They would either not be lsited at all, or be listed as a child from a previous marriage. Surely you do understand the legal difference? This is a legal certified court record. Like I've been telling you, not ALL the records of this man are sealed. When crimes are committed, there are always loose ends one can not go back and tie to prevent getting caught. There's more he can't seal before jan 20th, and we are after them. Let me explain to you now about why we know the PI hired by Corsi found out BO wasn't born in either of the two hospitals he and his sister claim. His mother is deceased and her hospitalization records would not be sealed. We can't ask if he was born there, but Cori's PI could find out his mother was NEVER A PATIENT IN EITHER PLACE! If she wasn't a patient, then he couldn't have been born there. That means he and his sister LIED about where he was born because he was born in Kenya. it also says to me his sister supplied her COLB (she was a foreign birth in Indonesia and registered in Hawaii) for someone to forge. Someone got a copy of her COLB on June 7, 2007. Maybe even she got and altered it for her brother because it isn't a very good forgery? TADA! The noose is tightening around the lies about BO's birth and citizenship. His legal name is STILL Barry Soetoro, and he is a legal citizen of Indonesia since he was born in Kenya. And the big bombshell will be coming out in the next week. I strongly suggest you keep watching Patrick Fitzgerald for the next week. I can't tell you what will happen, but I can tell you to watch him closely, especially in light of the arrests today of BO's political buds. Phil Berg did not pull this suit out of thin air. The circle around BO's lies is tightening. I believe he is going to be arrested very soon. He can't very well be sworn in if he's in jail in Illinois. Do you really think Chief Justice Roberts won't put a stop to this nightmare? Or Scalia, Thomas, Alito, or Kennedy? I know what evidence Phil has acquired. I can't talk about it, but it's real. I wouldn't be crowing with glee too loudly right now if I were some of you who has hurled insults and cast aspersions on me and Phil's integrity. You've all had a grand time at our expense, but this is nothing to celebrate proving ourselves right. This is about our Constitution. Why do you really think Clinton and Biden haven't resigned their senate seats yet? Do you think they know something about the truth the DNC is desperate to hide? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. He was listed in the complaint. Not acknowledged by the judge. what part can't you understand?

    If i file a complaint against you saying you are a pervert, does that make you a pervert.

    wait... don't answer that.