Monday, December 29, 2008

Was Obama an Indonesian citizen?

The AP took this photo which may lend merit to those bloggers who say that Obama had Indonesian citizenship at one time. This has never been confirmed by Obama himself, however. Why wasn't more made of this photo?


  1. I can understand Indonesian and it does indeed say that he is an Indonesian citizen. Warga negara is Indonesian for citizenship. It also states that he was born in Honolulu.

  2. It has been my contention all along that PEBO is an Indonesian citizen. I say that based on the document you have here and the fact that at that time both Indonesia and the US did not honor dual citizenship. So at the time of his adoption by Lolo he became an Indonesian citizen. Also there are no records of him being nationalized upon his return to the US, hence he is an illegal alien.

    But that goes beyond the fact that he was a natural born citizen at birth, regardless of birthplace. His citizenship comes from his father lineage, there fore at birth a British citizen. Barack Obama has never been a citizen of any kind of this country.

  3. Correction to the sentence above "he was a natural born citizen" should read "he was NOT"

  4. it says he was born in honolulu.

    a parent can't renounce their child's US citizenship. A child can't renounce their own citizenship. If born in honolulu = US Citizen. If born in Kenya to Ann, is a US Citizen.

    US does not care if Indonesia or any other country acknowledges dual citizenship. What... do we put their laws above our own? And this from you, a Patriot? putting Indonesia ahead of U.S.?

    If he never lost his citizenship, no need to reapply.

    Your arguments are worthless. Hence, the amount of credibility in the Courts or media.

    Or... live in your crazy world and figure it's a big conspiracy.