Saturday, November 8, 2008

3 things not to say

Last night I listened to Carol Platt Libeau on Town Hall (talk radio). She said that the conservatives need a new and stronger movement, and also that she would hang up on anyone who called her to say any of the following three things: 1) Obama is a Muslim 2) Obama is an Arab 3) Where is Obama's birth certificate? She said those three things make the callers sound like rabid loons.

I get where she's coming from. On the first two things, certainly. But does she not know that the issue of Obama's birth certificate is now in the Supreme Court? Supposedly, he has to provide an answer to the judge by December first.

But I can see how some liberals would be upset by this. I can see how this could be perceived as a relentless attack on Obama. But I think all of these questions and rumors that keep popping up show how little we know of Obama (despite his memoirs).

Here's a link to a petition that some people are signing and sending to their congressmen to ask Obama to show his b.c.:

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