Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let's be truthful while also avoiding ad hominem attacks.

Those of us trying to ferret out the truth about Obama need to be careful not to look like loons. There's room for a little conjecture, but let's not go too far (I'm thinking of the latest stories that Malcolm X might be Obama's real father). There are plenty of real facts to focus on, such as the near million dollars that Obama donated to ACORN and tried to cover up.

Just say no to

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  1. Don't feel too bad about yourself, we had the same problems during the rampantly PC-90's.

    I could also recommend TheRealBarackObama (RBO) (easily the most well-researched and complete site on all skeletons concerning Obama), NO Quarter (most visited) and The Naked Emperor (great 'digger').
    My own blog has some tidbits as well,I don't feel too constrained about criticising the USA as well as the loony left ;)